5 Reasons You Should Hire a Realtor

Becoming a homeowner can be one of the most exciting times in your life. You and your partner may discuss at length what each of your must-haves are in your future home. She may be stressing the importance to fit all of her clothes in the walk-in closet. He may be pretty nonchalant about colour schemes and closet space as long as he can have the freedom to have the man-cave he’s long desired. And you can’t forget the kids. If you’re in the market shopping for a home for a family, it is essential that you have adequate space inside and out.

You may place a high premium on not having everyone crammed together in the house and want to ensure that there is sufficient yard space for the kids’ playtime.

Certainly, there are so many things to consider when purchasing a home, and too often, individuals underestimate how taxing this process can become.

Even if you prefer to skip the stress that can come with owning your home and opt for renting, that alternative is not free of its own obstacles.

Conversely, if you are selling a home, hiring a realtor can help to filter through people who are serious about their search. A great deal of time can be spent setting up appointments for people who either never show or aren’t serious about pulling the trigger on a purchase.

A realtor who understands the needs and wants of both sides – sellers and buyers – is key in adding in a layer that can create mutually beneficial agreements between the parties involved.

Without a doubt, hiring a realtor can minimize stress when searching for or selling a home. For that reason and more, it is absolutely beneficial to hire an experienced realtor to help guide you through this process.

Stress Management

There is no doubt selling or purchasing a home can be stressful. As mentioned, the added layer that a realtor provides allows for both sellers and purchasers to place their trust in someone that knows the market and has the experience to drive the close of a sale. Your realtor is able to set expectations for both parties and play matchmaker to ideal sellers and buyers.

A study performed by Vivo Property Buyers, a property buying firm based in the UK, revealed that selling a home can be more stressful than other major life events such as getting a divorce, having a child or starting a new job.

Imagine that! Selling a home can be more stressful that when your baby is teething or the dreaded first day of your new job. Go figure.

That being said, save yourself the extra stress and add more years to your life by hiring a realtor if you are in the market to buy or sell a home.

But just in case, you still require some convincing, we’ve provided you with a list of some of the most important reasons you should hire a realtor.

Knowledge and Experience

Realtors are experts in the home selling and buying field. Their knowledge and experience can be trusted, as they are certified professionals who should be deeply familiar with the communities and neighbourhoods where they have listings.

They are great sources of information on any of the questions someone in the market to purchase a home may have about a neighbourhood. Also, if you’re selling a home, they are always on top of market conditions and can be great advisors on price points and the timing of when you should place your home on the market.

Skilled Negotiators

Realtors are skilled at negotiating the optimal price whereby buyers and sellers walk away from agreements achieving win-win scenarios. This is important to avoid home buyer's remorse after purchasing or selling your home. A great realtor knows how to navigate the negotiation process and ensure that all parties are happy with the outcome of the sale.

They filter out spam buyers

It doesn’t take a realtor a very long time to know who’s a serious buyer from who isn’t. As simple as showing up late for an appointment, the time it takes to return a phone call, or aversion to discussing a budget – an experienced realtor can tell pretty quickly if you’re just tire-kicking, or if you are making a serious inquiry into purchasing a home.

Minimizing this typical waste of time by acting as a buffer can be of great value to a seller that wants to get their home off the market in the shortest period possible.

They have an incentive

While some realtors may shy away from acknowledging it, we as human beings are motivated by incentives. Commissions attained via completing the sale of a home are great motivators for your realtor to remain on top of the shared objectives between the seller, buyer and realtor.

Of course, this cannot be achieved unless all parties are happy with the agreement. Thus, at all points throughout the selling process, the buyer and seller’s desires remain the top priority for the realtor.

At Allied Realty, we take pride in creating mutually beneficial agreements between home sellers and home buyers. Homeownership can be one of the greatest joys in life. Our goal is to help our customers reach this milestone as painlessly as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and connect with one of our experienced realtors that will help to guide you along the path of home ownership or home renting.

Your new home awaits you!

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